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Security Metrics has been billing annual fees to my account for security scans that First Data has paid them for, and billed me for, for 2 years. Because of the timing on the double-pay, and the speed my life moves at, I didn’t catch them until about 10 days ago. If this has been happening to your business, large or small, and you also can’t get a refund (although both companies admit that I should not have been double-charged), and you would like to start a class action suit, please contact me via message here. Thank you.

UPDATE 2/23/11:  I received a refund from Security Metrics for 2 years double-billed security scans. I will however leave this post up,  in case other small business owners are wondering if they are ” seeing double” in their security billing. Yes, it does happen.

UPDATE 11/2/14: seems the great gouge was illegal but the refund from 12 years of overcharging by First Data hasn’t come yet and I am not expecting it.


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