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I have about quit watching the news, it’s all bad, really stupid stuff, and apparently Congress is afraid that Trump’s tweets will ruin their careers if they say anything about the security breaches (dinner public briefing over N Korean missile launch), poorly thought out plans Bannon and Putin pulling strings while Trump bluffs and puffs out his chest and tries to intimidate everyone.

The Dakota Access pipeline is being built despite lawsuits from the Dakota Sioux, and there are U.S. Veterans standing with native Americans hoping to stop it. I am lighting a candle for peaceful best solution.  The Earth takes the long view. I hope in the long run most species survive. Not sure mine will manage it.

Not sure what spring will bring. If the zika mosquitoes come here, aerial spraying may well wipe my bees and all native pollinators out. Even if what really causes birth defects turns out to be a larvacide in the affected areas of South and Central America.  I read a report from some doctors in that region that said zika had been around forever but small head birth defects showed up with the larvacide. Who knows who is telling the truth?  I don’t.

I have 2 hives in diesel tanks sitting on the old truck on the back lot, will start trapping them out into hives as soon as weather permits.  It has been bone dry here, but a lot of rain is due to arrive all at once tonight and tomorrow.  I have outyards in rural areas waiting for bees, if I can get enough hives established to move them out. I can’t move, right now anyway, but maybe I can get the bees out.

That is more than I can do for our country.  Or maybe that is all that I can do for our country.


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It isn’t all that funny.  Not really.  Many of the changes I have seen coming for a long time.  I have found that my peace of mind is better if I limit the amount of news I watch these days.  I have re-located Rachel Maddow’s schedule, I guess I am guilty of watching the news that I prefer to watch.

If it is all slanted, I try to find slants toward objective truth.  I can only hope that all is well in the end. Planted seeds in my garden, we seem to have a winter drought again, here in North Texas, except for the one day when we got 4.5 inches of rain.  Its dry or flooding, no middle ground.

I am sad about the Dakota Access Pipeline. I recognize that it will probably be built and like all pipelines at some time it will leak nasty black oil into water. Don’t know what year. I think the good folks of Bismarck should have had that over their water supply since they wanted the thing so bad, but that’s just what I think. I will not visit Bismarck in this lifetime,  nor buy a product made there. I doubt they make anything. Most towns don’t.

I am sad about Trump. I am not sad about Hillary.  Running her and stealing primary votes from Bernie Sanders in 4 states was about the dumbest thing the DNC could do, and they did it. I have discontinued the handful of donations toward that party that I used to make. I don’t have the spare cash, and by the time Trump gets done crashing the economy so he can pick up bargain real estate, I will have less money.

My old dog has been fighting cancer for a couple of years. The dog before him that got cancer died in 3 days. After Spike’s death I got the corn, soy and wheat complete with their attendant Roundup spray out of my dog’s diet. Bronx is still alive. His mast cell was removed 9/11/2014. It has been over 2 years.  It had metastasized, he still has cancer. Mast cells give off histamine, makes dogs itchy and gives them upset stomach.  But he took benadryl for the first 2 years and 4 months, along with Golden Paste starting in November 2014. He went from looking like dying to bouncing around the house in a week after I made and started him on turmeric paste. Benadryl quit working 3 weeks ago, he is on a prescription antihistamine now, he feels better.   I am glad he is still with me. He is sad about Trump too. He is afraid the doggy biscuit supply is endangered. But I think we are ok for now.

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