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It has been an odd winter. Got cold too early, a bit of rain after the cold, and it was cold a long time.  6 bitter chill days in october. It is dry out. Was foggy this morning. They keep forecasting rain but it never seems to come. It falls high in the atmostphere,and the air near the ground is so dry the drops never touch the ground. The temps now are mild, 60’s in the day time, 40 or so at night. But no rain.

I had the stumps of the red oak that didn’t care for drought and the aggressive cherry laurel taken out yesterday.

The bees are alive and in their hives, I think. Too cold to be sure.  And I’m trying to get my bookkeeping done on this chilly day despite a headache in my dried out sinuses.

The weather guys get all excited when they see a cloud.  But where is the rain?


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